Monday, June 6, 2011

Who would have thought?!

I have officially fallen in love with the homemade laundry soap, it smells clean and makes the clothes cleaner and brighter (even my husband said so!) But what to do about fabric softener? I don't want to use the store bought liquid or the sheets, so how do I make my clothes come out soft and at the same time save $ and go natural?

The answer: White Vinegar

I know, right? I thought the same thing. "Smelly vinegar will make my clothes soft?" And I'm pleased to tell you that it's true!! 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the last rinse cycle of your wash will make your clothes feel soft and comfy!

If you have a washer like mine you'll have a little "cup" in the middle of the washer where fabric softener is supposed to go. Since I don't have the time to sit and wait for my last rinse cycle and jump to throw some vinegar in there- I just put the vinegar in where the softener is supposed to go and let 'er spin.

Are you thinking that your clothes will smell like vinegar? Thought so. Trust me, they won't! It's like a magic potion! Your washer will have a hint of the smell, but your clothes will not.

My husband told me last night that I may need to use just a touch more vinegar with the cycle because not all of the clothes were soft- so watch for that when you try it. *cough* when. ;)

**ONLY use white vinegar, any other kind may stain your clothes!

I know you'll be pleasantly surprised when you try it!

Have a beautiful day today!

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  1. I don't have the spot in my washer to put the fabric softener, but I've always put the vinegar in one of those Downy balls that release it at the appropriate cycle and it works great! Also, I have been informed in the past that the vinegar also cleans the washing machine of the build up that can occur from using the powder detergent!


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