Thursday, June 2, 2011

Simply delicious {and easy!}

It's so easy to find yourself reaching for the "instant fix" at the grocery store.

You know what I'm talking about...

The help-me-i-have-no-time-to-cook boxes that shout "pick me, pick me!" when your cart squeaks past them- especially after a tiring day of work, cleaning and taking care of the craziness from the kids.

But before you give in, here's some tips for making those recipes quicker and healthier than a rice box, or burger helper ;)

It's gonna take some time, but think through those "instant" boxes. What are they made of? Take instant Spanish Rice for example. It's rice, but what really makes up those other ingredients? I don't like the idea of preservatives going into my food when all it would take is 5 more minutes to make a healthy meal! Here's what I did:

Quick [yet homemade] Spanish Rice:
I cooked up some plain ol' white rice
Grilled bell peppers- all colors- on my stove top griddle. You can add seasoning if you like.
Then took some cherry tomatoes (about two handfuls) and pulsed them in my food processor until they were small chunks.
I transferred the chopped tomatoes to a bowl and pulsed the grilled bell peppers and also put those in the bowl.
Add about half a packet of taco seasoning and about a tablespoon of garlic salt and stir.
Add the rice to a sauce pan and the vegetable blend,  stir until hot and it starts sticking to the pan. It's delicious!

Seriously, it's healthier than a box mix and your family will have a home cooked meal and  nutrients! If you have a particular "instant" mix that you enjoy, utilize the internet to try to figure out how you can make it at home yourself. You will reap the benefits of money saved and health in the long run!

I have a fantastic produce store that I get some beautiful deals from, so take advantage of what your area has to offer. I have found that the produce is much better (and so are the deals) when you buy local and small as opposed to chain stores. I bought 3 packages of cherry tomatoes and 10 bell peppers for $2- I'm not kidding.

If you don't have a food processor do yourself a huge favor and go buy a nice one. It's going to save you so much time and make life much more simple.

What "instant" mix will you make homemade this week?

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