Monday, August 8, 2011

Simply refreshing...

What is your favorite berry? One of mine (and David's) is raspberry. I love the sweet-tart taste of this little berry and I'm pretty fond of it's color too! 

I haven't eaten many raspberries in my lifetime and have only seen them pair with cookies in a recipe. So when I bought 3 cartons at a great price, my first thought besides wanting to eat them right away was, what do I do with them?
If you've ever been to a Red Robin restaurant, you'll probably remember seeing "strawberry lemonade" on their menu. It's SO good. Well, here I am with a bunch of raspberries and some lemonade...hmmm.... a handful of berries, couple of chops with my chef knife, a pour and stir later.. and WALLAH! Raspberry Lemonade! 

Seriously, all I did was grab a handful of raspberries (the riper the better!) chop them a little, put them in a glass of cold lemonade and stir. It looks so pretty and tastes great! Give it a try!