Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good enough....

My apologies for being so quiet on here lately. Life has been loud in so many ways that I find things like my hobbies and pleasures taking a backseat.
I'm thankful that we ladies do not all experience this at the same time, because I really enjoy gleaning and learning things from other woman in the short moments I have to sit and learn.

I follow a blog called Simple Mom and although I'm not a mom, I glean things from her like, how to rest in the chaos of life and things of that nature. Her recent post was very encouraging to me as I can tend to start things and not finish them and end up feeling defeated -or- I will not start anything at all because I don't think that I have the time and then end up with a million projects to do.

Reading this post offered me some hope, and I'm hoping the same for you. From one busy lady to the next!

You can read her post here: Perfection: the thief of "good enough"
After reading this, I'm inspired to not allow the  "little blessings" to take a backseat anymore!

Happy Sunday!