Monday, June 20, 2011

Giveaway: Onesies, babies, adoption..

Bringing home their child...

I would love to introduce you to Team Keehn. Heather is the mom of this team and I met her at work! My first impression of Heather was that she is talented and crafty. As she was sitting in the waiting room, I watched her create a beautiful little butterfly, perfected stitched onto a onesie! It wasn't until later that I understood that this cute little craft she had in her hand, was the means to bringing home her African child. They want to adopt a child from Africa, and let me tell you- I am SO excited to help be a small part of that!

Please visit their blog to read the whole story!


Team Keehn is giving away a onsie to get the word out about bringing their little one home from Africa. 
Heather sells onesies and other cute baby items to raise money for the adoption! I've already bought one so I can give it to a friend for her new baby; in the card, I will be sharing their story and blog so my friend can know that the onesy was bought for her little one, and also a beloved child in Africa.... how cool is that?

You know you want one ;) 

Also, Heather just sent me this about the program/fundraiser "Ordinary Hero Store":
"We get 40% plus a chance of earning an extra $500 grant for our adoption if we are in the top 3 for sales. The grant opportunity is for sales that happen through Tuesday.  I was just notified that so far we are in the top 5 so I am trying to get the word out as much as possible before Tuesday."
click here to check out the store! Click on their affiliate name at checkout, and they will get 40% of what you spend for the adoption! Do you have Grad gifts to buy? ;)

On to the giveaway!! (3 ways to enter):
  • Go to the Adoption Craft Shop and comment below on which item you think is the cutest. 
  • Share this giveaway on Facebook (using the link in the sidebar on the right) and tell me that you did below.
  • Tell me if you would keep the onesie for your child, or give it away if you won, in a separate comment.
The drawing will be through and I will announce the winner Thursday afternoon!


  1. The purple flower onesie is my favorite and I would give it to Annabelle :)


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