Wednesday, June 15, 2011

staying organized...

I don't know if this is the same issue you have, but when I walk into a room and find something out of sorts, like a super dusty window pane or cobwebs, I stop and think "ok, when was the last time I cleaned that?!"

Or maybe it's the day-to-day cleaning. You know- wiping down the counters, washing dishes, cleaning off sinks, vacuuming- and the list goes on. Do you ever find yourself wanting to go into a room and do a "quick clean" but then start on some project that's too big for what time allows, you leave it an unfinished project ( and now you have a  bigger mess) AND you still have your "quick clean" undone!

Cleaning can be overwhelming at all times. I believe it doesn't have to be! I mean that!

In the next several posts I'll share with you three things:

  • Clean 'N Simple house organizer
  • weekly "ta-da" sheets
  • You're outta here! (simplifying your home)
Clean 'N Simple
Whether you are more admin prone, or more of a "spur of the moment" kind of person- I promise you this will make your life easier.  Making a home organizer is all about what works for you. It doesn't have to be a certain way, other than a way that works for you! It's a place to put your creative ideas for your home, your project ideas, home recipes (such as homemade laundry soap), cleaning schedule, inspiration for making your house a home, etc.
So how do you start? Well, it's easy:
1) Find a binder in your home that you never use (we all have at least ONE of these lying around!) find or make (with card stock) dividers  and tabs so you can write the categories on them.
2) Find some loose leaf 3-hole paper, and place them in between the tabs.
3) Pray. I'm serious! By inviting God into your organizing, you are inviting Him to be the one that makes your house a home. Pray for wisdom in your category making, for strength to stay organized, and for ways to make your home welcoming, hospitable and a comfy place for everyone who walks in your doors.

Now on to the really fun part!
Make your categories, remember to keep them simple and only make what you will actually use.
Here are some of mine: cleaning schedule, cleaning recipes, Daily Docket, Summer bucket list, (and I have room to make more!)
I still have  to decorate the front cover of my organizer! I encourage you to do this; it will make it more fun to use and adding a personal touch is always a good idea!
Just an example I swiped from the internet to get your creative juices flowing!

If you want a cleaning schedule for your home, make your own on your word processor! This is what I have:

  • Weekly "ta-da!" sheet: I made a "get it done in 15 minutes or less" chart, that allows me to quick clean each room. (i.e the bed room is: new sheets/make bed, vac, dust, put randoms away.) This allows me to not be overwhelmed, and also keeps me on track so I don't get distracted my "I don't even know how that happened" unorganized closet! I also have bi-weekly chores on my document too! Slip it into a plastic sheet cover and use a dry erase marker to "tick" the things you've completed! (*cough* show your hubby how to use the list too ;) )
  • A monthly list: This includes anything that you feel needs to be done monthly
The moral of the story is to live simply, stay organized and keep from being overwhelmed! I will talk about "You're outta here!" in the next post! Gotta leave you hanging! ;) Happy organizing! 

** if you have your own home organizer, please leave your tips and comments in the section below! I'd love to hear what you've found! 

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